Vegetarian Diet And Diabetes

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Vegetarian Diet And Diabetes

People with diabetes must choose any food they eat very carefully, as each food choice has an impact on their health. Diabetes affects individuals of all ages, both genders, from all walks of life and backgrounds; when left untreated, it can cause wounds that heal slowly, infections take longer to cure, blindness, and kidney failure.
Diet is among the most important ways of controlling diabetes, and a vegetarian lifestyle with its emphasis on low-fat, high fiber, and nutrient-rich foods are very complementary.

The Food We Eat

More than 30 million people, worldwide, are affected by Diabetes; this disease inhibits the body from properly processing foods. Usually, many of the food we eat is digested and converted to glucose. Sugar is carried by the blood to our body cells.
The hormone insulin helps glucose pass into cells. But people with diabetes are unable to control the quantity of glucose in their blood because the mechanism which converts sugar to energy does not work correctly.

Insulin is either absent, present in insufficient amounts or ineffective. As a result, glucose builds up in the bloodstream and leads to problems such as weakness, inability to concentrate, loss of coordination and blurred vision.

If the correct balance of food intake and insulin is not maintained, a person with diabetes can also experience blood sugar levels that are too low. If this state continues for a prolonged period, it can lead to coma and even death.

Controlling  Diabetes

Though incurable, diabetes can be, successfully, controlled with dieting and exercise, medications, injections of insulin, or a combination. Instead of counting calories, people with diabetes must calculate their total carbohydrate intake so that no less than half their food is made up of complex carbohydrates. Many diabetic vegetarians have discovered that as a result of their meatless diet, they have had to use insulin injections less, which gives them a feeling of power and control over their disease.

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Weight Control

Vegetable stand

Vegetable stand stokpic-Pixabay

Losing weight on a vegetarian diet may be difficult if not approached in the right way. Vegetables and fruits are rather healthy, so these are a fantastic addition to a weight reduction program. Nonetheless, lots of people that live a vegetarian lifestyle don’t get significantly off balance inside their diet. This is where losing weight becomes a problem.

Most people know that to lose weight your body has to burn off much more calories than you take in. This can be challenging for a person attempting vegetarian weight reduction. The reason that it truly is hard is that though vegetables are low calorie, bread and pasta (commonly the staple foods of vegetarians), are high-calorie carbohydrates. These foods break down quickly leaving the dieter to feel hungry for additional. So, they eat extra. But vegetarians will need not give up their hopes of losing weight.

Here Are Some Ideas To Aid The Weight To Come Off.

1. Add food protein to your diet. Just for the reason that you don’t eat meat, doesn’t mean you can’t have egg whites, soybeans, nuts, and peanut butter within your diet plan. These foods will maintain you feeling full longer and help you develop muscle.

2. Add protein supplements also. Protein powders can now be discovered at local grocery stores as well as health food stores. Using these powders to create a protein shake (blend some ice, fruit juice, yogurt, and protein powder until smooth). These shakes are delicious and full of the protein a vegetarian’s body is craving. Weight reduction supplements like this can make a large difference.

3. Consider herbal weight loss pills. Analysis any medicine that you take, not surprisingly. But, a few of the



supplements out there can enhance your metabolism and assist you in feeling good.

four. Snack on vegetables instead of fruit. Despite the fact that healthy, the sugars in fruit can stall your weight loss. In case you have to have a snack, grab some celery or carrots.

Understanding the best method to diet as a vegetarian can make a significant distinction toward your weight loss objectives. Don’t forget; your body can be a machine. It works very best when you supply it with the fuel it requires to work efficiently.

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Want to find out more about vegetarian diet, then visit Colin Winston Aldridge’s site on how to choose the best vegetarian weight loss for your needs.


Driver’s Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

Bus Driver

Bus Driver

Driver’s Working Environment and Hazards and Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Every working environment has its set of hazards and risks but did you know that professional drivers face the most hazards and risks in the workplace? Yes, it’s true.

Compared to other occupational groups, professional drivers have to deal with a very non-health friendly and non-conducive working environment which in the long run, may incur significant damage on their health.

The long and extended hours of maintaining a sitting or reclining position under the heavy pours of rain or the scorching heat of the sun expose professional drivers into a greater health risk. It makes them susceptible to many health diseases including musculoskeletal disorders.

Angelo Marino Jr PA

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According to research, the long hours of sustaining a driving position exerts pressure on the spine. Subsequently, this can lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorders such as neck problems, backaches, general stiffness and pulled muscles.

Among the list of musculoskeletal disorders which may develop, lower back pain is considered to be one of the most common among professional drivers. In one study, 81% of American bus drivers and 49% of Swedish bus drivers are suffering from low back pain due to their current job.

Lower back pain (LBP) is one of the major reasons behind the growing rate of absenteeism in many working populations today. Compared to other working groups, professional drivers are found to have the greatest risk for lower back pain given the nature of their job. In fact,  as per studies, LBP affects 81% of bus drivers, 51% of taxi drivers and 60% of truck drivers.

Musculoskeletal Disorders in Professional Drivers

Lumbar and Back support

Lumbar and Back support pressure Relieving Cushion, Black

Complications are observed, in lorry drivers who are tasked to deliver goods from one location to another. Most drivers complain about musculoskeletal problems on their knees, hands, hips, lower back, and shoulders. Other complaints include stiffness and pain in the neck, back, and upper limbs.

MSDs in professional drivers are, often, associated with a broad range of psychosocial and ergonomic risk factors. Among bus drivers, psychological stress factors, such as traffic congestion and short rest period on working days, are considered as major contributors.

In a scientific study involving 598 Italian professional drivers, the researchers concluded that the professional driving industry is facing an increase of lower back pain cases. Some researchers suggested that professional drivers are at a very high risk for lower back pain due to some significant factors which include carrying, lifting, awkward postures, prolonged sitting, and some psychosocial issues.

Other factors associated with Low Back Pain

Whole body vibration is also the primary element in the onset of lower back pain. Research shows that it can also trigger the development of other disorders such as early spine degeneration and herniated discs. Whole-body vibration occurs when the body shakes when it comes in contact with an oscillating surface. The vibrations of the car are transferred to the body especially to the soft tissues and spine which can cause back pain.

According to research, long term regular exposure to whole body vibration can lead to back pain. The longer the time you are exposed to body vibration, the greater is your chance of suffering from back pain, injuries, and disablement.

Sitting for throughout the long hours of trips makes drivers sustain an awkward position for an extended period. Maintaining a sitting positing for more extended hours puts greater pressure on the spine. Furthermore, slouching and slumping can create more significant stress and tension in the ligaments and muscles surrounding the lumbar spine. In the long run, this may cause pain and discomfort to the drivers.

Effects of Stress

According to research, over exposure to psychological stress caused by passenger hostility, poor accessibility to the lavatory, short lunch breaks, and undesirable traffic conditions can cause muscle tightness and spinal problems which may eventually lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorders.

Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activities

Due to the long hours of sustaining a reclining or sitting position, most drivers are less likely to engage in physical activities and exercise. Thus exposing them more susceptible to suffer from different types of musculoskeletal disorders.

According to research, increased physical activity plays a significant role in reducing the driver’s susceptibility to low back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. Results of epidemiological studies revealed that exercise is an excellent way to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and the back, thereby reducing their risk of MSD. When you have time, try engaging in physical activities such as tai chi and yoga as they can help in toning your back muscles and thighs.

What to Do to Prevent Backaches when Driving

Your posture in driving can significantly affect your health in the future. Sustaining an awkward position for an extended period increases your susceptibility to backaches in the future. Also, back pain can significantly affect your driving performance which when left untreated, can lose one’s occupation and source of living. So what can you do to prevent backaches?
•As much as possible, try sitting with your buttocks very close to the backrest. You have the ideal position when your leg is slightly bent whenever you press the pedal on the floor

•Adjust your seat height to the most comfortable position. If your car has a seat tilt feature, prefer a tilt angle where you can easily press the pedal on the floor. Adjust the backrest by the tilt angle you choose.

•Make sure that the upper edge of the car’s headrest is aligned with the top head. Bear in mind that the headrest is playing a vital role in maintaining a healthy posture when driving.

•Ensure that the distance between the back of your knees and the edge of the seat should be around 2-3 fingers wide.

•Make sure that your shoulders are as close as possible to the backrest. By adjusting the angle of the backrest to a point where you can easily find the steering wheel with bent arms.

•Avoid driving for more than two hours. After two hours of driving, take a break and stretch your legs. Resting periods, for leg stretching, can help in relaxing your back and preventing fatigue.

•Try changing your driving positions now and then.

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Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation

A Path To Faster Recovery With Rehab Equipment and Physical Therapy

Musculoskeletal Injuries could happen to everyone. In some cases, the patient will have to undergo extensive rehabilitation therapy to get back to their previous physical capabilities.

Whether it is an athlete recovering from a sports injury or a geriatric patient is getting over a hip surgery, they will all need the right rehabilitation equipment to recover fully. Depending upon the recommendations of the physician,  rehab equipment can take many forms.
An informed patient will be better able to select the proper equipment for his needs thus expediting his full recover and return to an active life.

Physical Therapy

Musculoskeletal Injuries or Disorders often lead to the need for some physical therapy. Physical therapy’s primary goal is to return the patient to his previous strength level in the injured body part. Meaning that the patient will undergo exercises to rebuild the muscle lost during that convalescence. The physical therapist might require rehabilitation equipment in such cases to take the form of balance boards or physical therapy tables.

Other types of the material used could include general exercise equipment such as resistance bands and exercise balls. Exercises prescribed by the physical therapist should be carefully followed by the patient if he is continuing his therapy at home.
The patient’s form while doing the activities needs to be paid careful attention since poor form could result in further injury.
Continued compliance with the therapist’s recommendations is necessary to properly rebuild the muscle and prevent one side of the body being stronger than the other. Failure to follow recommendations could lead to poor posture and pain or increased risk for injury.

There are other forms of rehab equipment.

Rehab Equipment

Portable Exercise Equipment Set – Resistance Bands with Shoulder Pulley, for Rehab / Therapy & Strength Workouts

During rehabilitation, many patients have moderate to high levels of pain. While their physicians might prescribe pain medications, these might not be enough, or they might have adverse side effects. In such instances, the patients might consider using electrotherapy.

Electrotherapy includes electrical stimulation units, peripheral nerve stimulation units, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units. These deliver a mild shock which stimulates the nerves to help relieve pain. TENS methods are non-addictive, and they have been proven safe for most patients.


Patients who are pregnant, nursing, have metal implants, have high blood pressure or heart disease should discuss using this form of rehabilitation equipment.
Those who have a pacemaker should not use electrotherapy as a means of pain relief since the treatment could interfere with the pacemaker resulting in potentially life-threatening fibrillations.

Talk to Your Rehabilitation Specialist

A certified rehab specialist will not only assist you with a speedy recovery but will also help you to maintain your physical health once you had completed rehab therapy.

Talk to your doctor or therapist about continuing your rehab program at home. Your rehab specialist can recommend a series of at-home exercises and a choice of appropriate rehabilitative equipment for at-home use to set you on a permanent pass to recovery, such as;

– Balance Boards
– Cardio Equipment
– Dumbbells
– Exercise Balls
– Exercise Pulley & Stretching Equipment
– Fingers & Hand Exercisers
– Floor Mats & Platforms
– Foam Rollers
– General Exercise Products
– Resistance Bands
– Resistance Tubing
– Resistance Weight Lifting Equipment
– Resistant Cords
– Shape Belts
– Treadmills
– Wrist & Ankle Weights
Depending upon the type of recovery the patient will undergo, different types of rehab required equipment. Physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and electrotherapy are all means through which recovery can take place. The patient’s specific needs will dictate which type is best for him.

For a patient recovering from a major surgery or illness.

Time is one of the best medicines, but there are many things that both, the patient and physician, can do to speed that process. Often, there is a considerable amount of debilitating pain associated with the recovery process. Pain relief may be through the use of medicines, but some patients do not respond well to these, or the side effects are so undesirable as to outweigh their benefits.

Although some patients do not associate electrotherapy as being an effective means of pain relief and prefer to stay with more traditional rehabilitation equipment for pain such as hot and cold therapy treatments and whirlpools
However, the patient cannot remain in a whirlpool tub throughout his recovery; he can carry a portable TENS unit to deliver a mild, pain easing electrical nerve stimulation.
Another type of pain easement is massage therapy which has, also, been shown in sports massages to help muscles to recover quicker after exercise or injury.

Rebuilding Muscle Tone.

While the patient is undergoing pain relief, he/she should also work to rebuild muscle tone often lost during the non-use of the resting period following the injury. The patients most carefully follow instructions from the physical therapist to do the proper exercises and consequently avoid further injury or harm.
It will be likely that the patient will need his set of the same sort of rehab equipment found in the therapist’s office; however, before deciding upon physical therapy equipment for home use, the patient should consult with the therapist to ensure that he is purchasing the right piece for his size and injury type.

Instead of professional rehab equipment, you can use inexpensive, at-home exercise equipment such as; balance boards, exercise balls, stationary peddlers, etc. Always consult with your doctor or chiropractor to ensure appropriate selection and proper use of you at-home rehabilitation equipment.

After Completion of Therapy

After you had completed your physical rehabilitation program, it is important to continue select regiments of your rehab routine at home to minimize the chances of re-injury as well as for the overall health benefits.

Our body is profoundly amazing in its abilities to systematically renew and regenerate itself; Nonetheless, our body’s abilities to heal is gradually inhibited and slowed down as we grow older. The good news is that the advancements in rehab therapy medicine and enhancements in rehabilitation equipment can help us to move towards a speedier recovery from Musculoskeletal injuries.

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