Health Wellness and Anti-Aging

Health, wellness, And Anti-Aging

Body and Health damages have specific causes like Oxidizing agents, sunbeams, mechanical wear and tear, psychological stress, lack of some nutritional components and too much of others, like fat.
The rapidity of the aging process depends on lack of efficiency in this repair process. The above mention aging causes also slow down the repair process.

Aging Factors

The factors causing aging also causes other diseases like cancer and coronary heart disease. Both aging and these diseases can in great extent be prevented with the knowledge possessed today, and the damages can in great extent be reversed.

Some Words About Anti-Aging And Illness Prevention

The aging process is for the greater part no mystery anymore. It consists for a great part of daily damages done on the macroscopic, tissue, cellular and genetic levels. These add up as the years are passing. These damages have specific causes like oxidation agents, sunbeams, mechanical wear and tear, psychological stress, lack of some nutritional components and too much of others, like fat.

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Other Anti-Aging Elements

Another element of aging is the reduction of the telomere chains at the chromosome ends, as each cell division occurs. However, the body has means to repair these ends again, with an enzyme called telomerase. The rapidity of the aging process depends on lack of efficiency in this repair process.
The above mention aging causes also slow down the repair process.

Anti-Aging Elements

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Aging Factors

The factors causing aging also cause other diseases like cancer and coronary heart disease. Both aging and these diseases can, in great extent, be prevented with the knowledge possessed today, and the damages can in great extent be reversed.


The Components To Achieve Health, Wellness And Anti-Aging Factors Are:

  • Just a very moderate amount of sugar, refined flour or refined cereals.
  • Adequate daily food is containing whole cereals, peas, beans, vegetables, fruit, fish, mushrooms, fouls and seafood, and with
  • A moderate amount of red meat.
  • A moderate amount of butter, soy oil, corn oil and palm oil. A high consumption of these fat sources gives you too much-saturated fat and poly-unsaturated omega-6-fat. Most of the large supply coming from sources like olive, fish, nuts, sunflower, etc. Then you will get a right balance between mono-unsaturated fat (olive), poly-unsaturated fat of the omega-3-type (fish) and poly-unsaturated fat of the omega-6-type.
  • Supplements of specific nutritional components like vitamins, minerals, lecithin and some essential fatty acids.
  • Use of specific anti-aging agents to apply on the skin surface.
  • Adequate rest and stress-reduction. Daily meditation is a method of achieving this. Natural relaxing agents or specific tools for meditation or relaxation may also be useful.
  • Supplements of specific anti-aging agents like anti-oxidants or human growth hormone.
  • Adequate training, that both gives both a muscular load, work up your condition and stretches out your body. To stretch out, yoga-exercises are ideal.
  • Protect the skin against excessive sun exposure.
  • The amount one needs of nutritional supplements, like vitamins and minerals, differs very much according to a person’s health condition, workload and exposure to environmental stress. A person has a poor digestion, doing high-performance sport or being exposed to a high amount of environmental stressors, may need more than an individual in an average situation.

Prevention is better than cure.



Cool Sculpting Does It Work ?

Does Cool Sculpting Work?

Nearly every third person on this planet is struggling with the travails of weight gain and unwanted fat deposits. Losing weight is important not only to look cool but also to remain healthy; being overweight brings with it a set of complicated medical problems that can take forever to resolve.

The easiest way, in most cases, to get rid of weight induced medical conditions such as high blood pressure; high Skinny Healthcholesterol etc. is to lose weight. But weight loss doesn’t come quickly; you have to go on specific diet and exercise at least an hour every day to get rid of all that unwanted fat.

With the latest technique of Cool Sculpting, you can now remove all those fat pockets from your body within an hour.  Some cases may require more than one treatment; therefore, discussing your situation with the doctor before the procedure is of extreme importance.

Does Cool Sculpting leave scars?

The procedure is both non-invasive and non-surgical, which means that there will be no scars in the end so no one will know your secret!
CoolSculpting involves the use of low temperature to freeze the fat cells that make up the adipose tissue. The frozen fat cells are then removed from the body naturally.

Cool Sculpting Reviews– Does it Work?

CoolSculpting results are amazing as is visible from the before and after CoolSculpting photos that are available on the official website for the same. In the pictures, one can make out the astounding weight loss that each treated patient has achieved. Visit CoolSculting by Zeltiq and your question “Cool Sculpting does it work?” will be answered.

What Does Cool Sculpting Involve?

Body Analyzer

Body Analyzer

Like mentioned earlier, one hour, in most cases, is all you need to invest, and within 30 days you will see a considerable  improvement in your appearance with all the love handles, and the ugly bulges are gone. Even the procedure is so painless that you can, easily, pass the one-hour reading a book or watching re-runs of your favorite daily soap. What’s more, once the treatment is over you can return to your office or your home and resume the work that you had left unfinished!

Since the procedure is non-surgical, you can rest assured that there will be no use of needles and suction hoses, which means that there will be no tell-tale scars that will develop afterward. The procedure is entirely harmless, and only the fat cells will be targeted leaving the surrounding cells unharmed.

Main Benefits

The main benefits of this area freezes the fat, and dissolves it within a very short time. The process is completed within an hour. This does not make you feel uncomfortable. Only you feel a slight pull on your skin. The fat layer disappears completely in two months, and the reduction of average fat is at least 25%. Some people have even achieved a fat reduction amounting to 60%. This treatment can last for a long time, and it is done for maintaining the ideal weight of every individual. Always make sure that it is done by reputed, and experienced cosmetic surgeons.

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Yoga And Meditation

Yoga is an ancient Indian physical practice for well being and it has four paths described in the vedas.

The Bhagavad Gita also talks about these four paths for peace, freedom and liberation. These are the aspects of a whole that is called yoga. Yoga is the union of mind, body and soul. Below are these four paths.

1. Bhakti Yoga

It is the path of devotion, compassion, love, emotion and service to God and others. It is path of devotion to someone/something superior or higher than yourself. It helps to reduce your ego, increase your spirituality, develop a tangible relationship and connect you to the divine. You will experience the emotions like love, devotion and compassion at points along the journey. It is the path of divine love and makes yogi motivated by the power of love and sees God as the embodiment of it.

In bhakti yoga, a yogi surrenders himself to God through worship, prayer and ritual and it is a process of connecting to God through chanting, worship, prayer or singing. It is also a way to connect you to God or a greatest power and it opens the heart and helps let go of preconceived ideas. The bhakti yoga develops love for God and creation and appealing to the emotional by nature.

2. Karma Yoga

It is about doing actions. It is the path of action and remembering the levels of our being while fulfilling our actions in the world. A karma yogi needs to be selfless and do actions without thought of gain or reward.

Everyone have their duties in the world in the role of wife, daughter, sisters, father, colleague, teachers etc. We should do our duties to the best of our abilities without thought of gain or reward or appreciation. Nobody can live without doing actions. We should do our duties in the right attitude, right motive, do best, and follow the discipline of the job. There are a hierarchy of our duties.

* Duty towards society.
* Duty towards family.
* Duty towards yourself

3. Raja Yoga

It is the path of self-discipline and practice. A raja means king who acts with self-confidence, independence and assurance and a raja yogi is independent and fearless. It is about controlling the mind to get all eight stages of raja yoga. Raja yoga is also known as ashtanga yoga and its eight stages are:

* Yama Self-control.
* Asana Physical exercises.
* Niyama Discipline.
* Pranayama Breath exercises.
* Pratyahara Withdrawal of the senses from external objects.
* Dhyana Meditation.
* Dharana Concentration.
* Samadhi Complete Realization.

 4. Gyan Yoga (Jnana Yoga)

It is the path of acquiring knowledge from a variety of different sources. After getting knowledge from the credible sources put it in practice. It uses the mind to inquire into self-nature. The sources can be classes, lectures, reading, seeking the company of wise peoples etc. Before this yoga you needs have integrated the lessons of the other yogic paths. We use our knowledge and power to analyze to grow that improves our awareness. We have to ready to distinguish between true and untrue.

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The stresses of daily life can sometimes get the best of us. It is clinically proven that too much stress can have adverse affects on our mental and physical health. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health issues of being overstressed. Physical disorders such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and lowered immunity have been found by medical professionals to have a direct link to stress.

In a nutshell, too much stress and the inability to deal with this stress makes us sick!

There is, however, something we can do about the stress and alleviate the disorders that are most commonly associated with it. By practicing a daily routine of vaporizer aromatherapy and meditation, we can combat the external factors that cause us such harm and bring ourselves back into balance.

Vaporizers for Aromatherapy

A vaporizer can be used with a number of aromatherapy herbs to calm the nerves, relieve tension, enhance focus and concentration, and help to put the body in a state of relaxation. Many natural herbs and herbal blends contain ingredients that have sedating qualities as well as rejuvenating qualities.

Herbs for use In Aromatherapy

Excellent herbs for use in an aromatherapy vaporizer include lavender, chamomile and rosemary. Lavender and chamomile are found to relax the brain waves thus providing the mind with the ability to slow down its activity. Rosemary is an herb that sharpens memory, rejuvenates the mind, and enhances focus and concentration. Using the herbs as a blend aid in relaxing the body and mind while gaining a better focus on the internal self. This creates an environment conducive to exercises of meditation.

For centuries, meditation has been used by many cultures in practices of religion, spiritual growth, and psychophysical endeavors. In modern culture, meditation is used as a mental discipline to create a deeper state of awareness within oneself. A major factor in the practice of meditation is relaxation and focus.

Combining the art of meditation with the use of healing natural herbs in a vaporizer, creates a calming state of relaxation and focus that allows us to become aware of the effects that stress is having on our physical body and on our psyche. This awareness gives us a more balanced perspective of the stressors providing us with the ability to alleviate the stress and thus the symptoms created by the stress.

Aromatherapy and Meditation

A daily routine of aromatherapy herbs in a vaporizer in conjunction with meditation can bring balance and focus to a stressful life. The best routine should include herbs that are known to alleviate anxiety and rejuvenate the mind. Meditation as part of a stress reducing practice must include quiet surroundings and a practice of good breathing techniques. Calm the nervousness and bring about a state of peace within yourself to gain a positive perspective and eliminate stress with this daily practice.

Compassion, love, emotion and service to God and others. Raja Yoga It is the path of self-discipline and practice. Raja yoga is also known as ashtanga yoga and its eight stages are.
Gyan Yoga (Jnana Yoga) It is the path of acquiring knowledge from a variety of different

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LSD Effects


LSD which stands for lysergic acid diethylamide belongs to the hallucinogen class of drugs. It belongs to the chemically synthesized group of stimulant drugs. It produces symptoms of ecstasy and mood swings which last for a shorter span of time as compared to other addiction. But the drug provides a tolerance after its intake as a result of which the person increases the dosage to get the kick. Since it is manufactured from a fungus found on rye and grains, it has a detrimental effect on the health. Still, it is widely used by school and college students who are unaware of the side effect and take the drug for getting away from their problems.

LSD is commonly referred as acid and is readily available in tablets, capsules and liquid forms. It is a colorless, odorless substance which is taken by the oral route.

Symptoms And Signs

 The sign and symptom vary depending on various surrounding and individual factors. The amount of drug intake by the addict also decides the effect.

Mental  LSD Effect

The mind is primarily affected by consumption of LSD. This is seen in the form of emotional swings. It takes large doses to produce hallucinations and delusions. Initially, the drug produces an alteration of sensory perception, making the person to see sound and hear colors. Thus there is a distortion of feeling and sensation which produces anxiety and depression. The experiences met while taking the drug is referred by the user as a trip, and the acute reactions are considered as bad trip by them. In chronic LSD users and those suffering from personality disorders, flashback experiences are a common entity. The person suffers a recurrence of some past event even when they have not taken the drug for nearly a year. When they have not taken the drug for nearly a year, the person suffers a recurrence of some past event even. The prolonged use of LSD produces symptoms of psychoses and conditions like schizophrenia and depression.

Physical  LSD Effect

This comprises of the following symptoms like pupil dilatation, warm skin, increase in heart rate and blood pressure, loss of appetite, dry mouth, excessive perspiration and body odor, tremors, etc.

How to Tackle the Issue of LSD Drug Abuse

Since LSD is not considered an addictive substance as compared to other drugs like alcohol, cocaine, etc.; the person can be quickly weaned away. Usually, the users reduce or stop the drug abuse on their own. But if there is a psychological element attached to the addiction then it requires a team comprising of medical personnel, psychiatrist, and close relations.

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