How to Build Muscle

Build Muscle

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There is lots of information on the web. The bodybuilding world can be intimidating for a beginner, so here we will answer the fundamental question “How do I build muscle?”
As ever, the question is not as easy as it sounds, and the program used needs to be tailored to the individual.

Simple steps to Building Muscle

With The assistance of a qualified instructor, learn the right ways for weightlifting. There is no need to over complicate matters at the start, just make sure that you have a routine that puts stress on the muscles to allow them to develop, and that you can maintain the method consistently.

Better Results

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We must take into consideration that when we are building Muscle, we must exercise each part of the body, although it is common for people to concentrate only on one or two sections. Our bodies are formed with different muscle groups, and if you learn to work them equally, you will experience better and faster outcomes.

To Avoid injury, it is of extreme importance to do warm-up stretchers before and after each exercise session.

Make sure you take notice of how your body feels the next day,
pay attention to the messages sent from your body, and know when you are not getting the result you want. Experienced bodybuilders can recognize the feeling of the muscle being efficiently worked for health and growth. Discuss your findings with your instructor.

Resistance To Build Muscle

Although resistance training sounds like it will be difficult, and take a lot of time out of your busy life, you will soon reach the stage where you are working out without even needing to think about it.|

Weightlifting For Muscle Building

When You begin with weight training; you will probably find that you are making quick progress. Muscle fibers which were dormant are now active. As the body adjusts to the weight being lifted, you will need to increase the weight to keep enjoying muscle gain.

The critical fundamental of learning to build big muscles is to lift heavy weights with low reps. That is not to say lighter weights, and more reps aren’t beneficial, but in this case, the benefit is more on improving muscle tone and definition.

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Health Fitness

Health Fitness

Do you want to enjoy your life?

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There are several ways to improve your health fitness. One of the best ways to achieve your health fitness goal is by Including in your weekly schedule physical activities that you enjoy. Look for Heart Health exercises, such as aerobics, but start slow. We, humans, tend to look at exercise as something related to punishment and find any possible way to t.

What should I Eat?

Eating well-balanced meals also play an essential part in health fitness. By including fresh fruits and vegetables, in your daily diet, will help you maintain energy levels all day long without going through picks and valleys caused by the excess of carbs intake. Health fitness is a significant matter which we need to concentrate our attention on. Our fitness level affects both our physical and mental well being.  Following a healthy diet and exercising regularly you will look and feel like a million dollar. You will enjoy a more vigorous and happy life.

You have to start somewhere, and you should only compare yourself to where you want your health fitness level to be in the next year. Set realistic goals that are challenging but achievable.

Exercises In The Privacy Of Our Own Home



A home fitness plan is excellent but make sure you seak the advice of a certified fitness instructor or personal trainer before integrating that practice in your schedule. Also, there is lots of helpful, free, information on the web to give you the extra support to accomplish your goal.
There are many, benefits for home fitness, as you can exercise as often as you like. You no longer worry about without the hassles of having to be somewhere at a specific time or worrying about your appearance

Lossing Pounds

If you are trying to lose pounds through a fitness plan, also consult a dietician to help you fast-track your fitness results.
A Fitness Plan mixed with healthy eating habits is a win, win situation all around for your health fitness!

What Kind Of Training Should I Follow?

Depending on the outcome you want, your fitness training should be tailored to suit. If you are trying to lose weight and ‘tone’ up, your fitness training will need to be more intense than if you were ‘getting over an injury.’
Let your Dietician and your Physical Fitness Trainers/Instructors guide accordingly for maximum results for your Health Fitness.

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shoulder pain when lifting arm

Permanent  Shoulder Pain Or Shoulder Pain When Lifting The Arm.

It’s funny how you don’t notice a specific component of your body until it starts giving you problems.
Imagine this, you used your arms every day and connected to your arm is your shoulder which mostly moves with your upper and lower parts of your arm and suddenly somewhere along the daily activities, you injured your shoulder. You are not sure when or why, but something feels different. A nagging pain is nibbling on your nerves, you experience shoulder pain when lifting your arm, and you can barely pick up your fork to take a bite of your meal.
Does this sound familiar?

We only notice that we need the functionality of a particular part of our body when that part starts breaking down.

Posture Support~~Clavicle Supports

Posture Support~~Clavicle Supports

Many persons will tell you about the pain and suffering that their shoulder problem caused them when it comes to the shoulder pain issues. By research, it seems that shoulder problems prevail in the general population, with as high as 47% of adults complaining of shoulder problems.
Per information from Mayo Clinic Shoulder Pain Causes include the following conditions:

Avascular necrosis
Brachial plexus injury
Broken arm
Broken collarbone
Cervical radiculopathy
Dislocated shoulder
Frozen shoulder
Hiatal hernia
Polymyalgia rheumatica
Rheumatoid arthritis
Rotator cuff injury
Separated shoulder
Septic arthritis
Sprains and strains
Tendon rupture
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Torn cartilage

Methods To Alleviate Shoulder Pain

Effective methods used to alleviate shoulder pain include anti-inflammatory medications or pain medications, cortisone injections are also within the therapy choices. Before choosing surgery, many will visit physical therapists to assist them with the specific treatment or therapeutic exercises determined by their Orthopedic Doctor.

Although among the popular treatments for shoulder pain is a therapeutic exercise. As opposed to this, shoulder pain may be caused when hurting oneself while doing gym exercises, a relatively regular activity for many individuals, which in fact can generate shoulder problems or aggravate an already existing shoulder problem.

Thus, some exercises are good for the shoulder, but there are others which may place the shoulder in danger for injuries and pain to your shoulder.and arm.

Bursitis causes shoulder pain when the subacromial burse, which is the sac of fluid that cushions the tendons, is damaged and becomes inflamed. Conferring to MedlinePlus, nearly all common cause for this sort of pain is rotator cuff tendinitis, which occurs when damaged tendons are swollen and inflamed and become compressed between bones. Rotator cuff tendinitis results from normal deterioration as well as tear related to age, injuries and repetitive use of the shoulder joint.

Here are four gym exercises that you should keep an eye on out for- they might just be the cause of your shoulder problems:

1. Bench press: There may be an association between bench press and arthritis of the shoulder because the shoulder is loaded with compression. The shoulder is, generally speaking, a hanging joint. Such heavy loading may cause early wear of the cartilage.

2. Acromioclavicular joint, the joint between the collarbone and the shoulder bone aside from the shoulder, is also described as weightlifters shoulder. Lifting heavy weights may result in wear concerning this joint but the incident is so low that a person probably should not be too concerned about this.

3. Overhead exercises like military press: Military press burden the rotator cuff in a disadvantageous position and can cause injuries, if not done correctly. You can consult your trainer for advice on exercises that will be less risky and produce the same positive results you are expecting.

Shoulder Stability Brace

Shoulder Stability Brace with Pressure Pad by Babo Care – Breathable Neoprene Shoulder Support for Rotator Cuff, Dislocated AC Joint, Shoulder Pain, Compression Sleeve


4. Some of the top practices are seated rowing. When the weight is drawn back it also squeezes the shoulder blades together– this exercises not only the rotator cuff muscles but also the stabilizers of the shoulder blades. A good exercise when done correctly.

As mentioned above, in contrast to these four workouts, there are therapeutic exercises that will help treat your shoulder problems. Restorative activities usually comprise motion, fortifying and building up workouts.
Right ironic how the same thing, exercise, can either heal or harm you? So next time you planning to the gym, make sure to look out for potentially dangerous practices.
If you experience just shoulder pain or shoulder pain when lifting your arm, please schedule a visit with your physician for evaluation and accurate treatment.


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Causes Leg Cramps

Causes And Relieve For Leg Cramps

Having cramps in your legs is never a pleasurable experience, but it’s even worse when those leg cramps strike when you are trying to sleep. They can wake you up out of a sound sleep and keep you up for hours. It is not as common, but leg cramps can also strike during the day, making walking uncomfortable. Regardless of when they happen, there are things you can do to relieve leg cramps.

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Created For You

You could invest the majority of your life without really feeling leg cramps. However, those leg cramps could begin to bother as you grow older and become an issue which will require attention. Therefore, you have to do something about  it and do what you could to treat your leg cramps.

Dehydration Causes Leg Cramps

Your first line of defense is to make sure that you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. This keeps everything in your body moving along. Aim for eight glasses of water per day, but you don’t have to obsess over it. Just do your best to make sure you’re getting a lot of water. Symptoms of dehydration include thirst and cramping, so it makes sense that staying hydrated will help to relieve leg cramps.

Calcium Deficiency

Many people have found that taking calcium supplements helps. A few researchers have found a link between leg cramps and calcium deficiency. Try drinking a glass of milk shortly before bedtime and see if that helps; if not, then a supplement may be the answer.

Some Medications Can Cause Leg Cramps

Some medications can cause muscle cramps, and some medicines can lower the level of potassium, magnesium or calcium in your body. Dehydration is also a possible side effect of a few prescription drugs. Be sure to discuss any of your concerns with your doctor or pharmacist.

Medications That Can Cause nocturnal leg cramps:

Diuretics- ( Increase the excretion of water from the body)
Conjugated estrogens
Teriparatide-( is used to treat soft, brittle bones (osteoporosis).
Naproxen-(Naproxen is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by conditions such as arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, tendinitis, bursitis, gout, or menstrual cramps)
Raloxifene-(It is used to help prevent breast cancer in women after the change of life who have soft, brittle bones (osteoporosis) or those with more of a chance of getting breast cancer)
Long-acting adrenergic beta-agonists (LABAs)-(are usually prescribed for moderate-to-severe persistent asthma patients or patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Statins-(Lowers Cholesterol levels)

Lack of Activity

Powerful Portable Pain Relief

Pain Relief

A lot of times leg cramps are caused by a lack of activity, or from not going through their full range of motion. Doing stretches is one way to solve this problem. One body extension to help relieve leg cramps is to stand about two to three feet from a wall and put your hands on the wall. Start doing a push-up like motion, but keep your feet completely flat on the floor. If it feels like it is stretching too much, then move a bit closer to the wall; if you can’t sense any stretching, then step back a bit. Be careful not to overdo it.

If, despite all of your best efforts, you end up needing to relieve leg cramps at night, then try this little trick: place your finger directly on your upper lip and then press gently. This is a pressure point that is connected to your leg and can bring enough relief to get you to drift back asleep. Chances are the other remedies will work just fine, but it’s always good to have another trick up your sleeve just in case.

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Building Better Bones

Did You Know That Your Bones Are Always Changing?

The Importance of building, from our early years, better and healthier bones .

Every day of your life, some bone cells die, and some new bone cells are created. From birth until your early 30s, you can quickly make lots of bone cells. So long as your diet supplies the necessary nutrients, you not only replace bone cells that die, you have extras left over to lengthen and strengthen your bones.

Past the age of 35, new bone cells are more difficult to make. Sometimes there is a shortfall: more bone cells die than you can replace. By the age of forty, many American women have begun to lose bone mass; by the age of fifty, many are told they must take hormones or drugs to prevent further loss and avoid osteoporosis, or fractures.


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Vitamins for you

Calcium is, without a doubt, the most important mineral in your body. In fact, calcium makes up more than half of the total mineral content of your body. Calcium is crucial to the regular beating of your heart, your metabolism, the functioning of your muscles, the flow of impulses along your nerves, the regulation of your cellular membranes, the strength of your bones, the health of your teeth and gums, and your vital blood-clotting mechanisms. Calcium is so critical to your life that you have a gland (the parathyroid) that does little else than monitor blood levels of calcium and secrete hormones to ensure optimum levels of calcium at all times.

To ensure a positive calcium balance and create healthy, flexible bones for your menopausal journey, take care to:

Eat three or more calcium-rich foods daily.
Avoid calcium antagonists.
Use synergistic foods to magnify the effectiveness of calcium.


What do we need to make strong, flexible bones?

Here Are Some Good Ideas

Like all tissues, bones need protein. They need minerals (not just calcium, but also potassium, manganese, magnesium, silica, iron, zinc, selenium, boron, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium, and dozens of others. And to use those minerals, high-quality fats, including oil-soluble vitamin D.
Calcium buffers acids created by protein digestion.

Herbs such as seaweed, stinging nettle, oat straw, red clover, dandelion, and comfrey leaf are rich in protein and provide plenty of calcium too.

Exercise For Better Bones

Skinny Health


Women who exercise regularly and eat calcium-rich foods enter their menopausal years with better bone mass than women who sit a lot and consume calcium-leaching foods (including soy “milk,” tofu, coffee, soda pop, alcohol, white flour products, processed meats, nutritional yeast, and bran). But no matter how good your lifestyle choices, bone mass usually decreases during the menopausal years.

For unknown reasons, menopausal bones slow down production of new cells and seem to ignore the presence of calcium. This “bone-pause” is short-lived, occurring off and on for five to seven years. I noticed it in separate episodes of falling hair, breaking fingernails, and the same “growing pains” I experienced during puberty.

Purpose Of Bone Scans

The idea behind bone scans is a good one: find women who are at risk of broken bones, alert them to the danger, and help them engage in preventative strategies.

It is never too late to build better bones, and it is never too soon. Your best insurance for a fracture-free, strong-boned cronehood is to develop better bones before menopause. The more exercise and calcium-rich green allies you get in your younger years, the less you’ll have to worry about as you age.

During Studies

I frequently come across the idea that cooking robs food of nutrition. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cooking maximizes the minerals available to your bones. Kale cooked for an hour delivers far more calcium than lightly steamed kale. Minerals are rock-like, and to extract them, we need heat, time, and generous quantities of plant material.

Green sources of calcium are the best. Nourishing herbs and garden weeds are far more abundant in minerals than ordinary greens, which, also, are already excellent sources of nutrients.

But calcium from green sources alone is not enough. We need calcium from white sources as well. Add a quart of yogurt a week to your diet if you want healthy bones. Because the milk has been changed by Lactobacillus organisms, its calcium, other minerals, proteins, and sugars (no lactose) are more easily digested. This carries over, enhancing calcium and mineral absorption from other foods, too. (I have known several vegans who increased their very low bone density by as much as 6 percent in one year by eating yogurt.) Organic raw milk cheeses are another excellent white source.

Beware of calcium antagonists. Certain foods interfere with calcium utilization. For better bones avoid the consistent use of:
Greens rich in oxalic acid, including chard (silverbeet), beet greens, spinach, rhubarb.
Unfermented soy products, including tofu, soy beverages, soy burgers.
Phosphorus-rich foods, including carbonated drinks, white flour products, and many processed foods. (Teenagers who drink sodas instead of milk are four times more likely to break a bone.)
Fiber pills, bran is taken alone, bulk-producing laxatives.
Steroid medications, including corticosteroids such as prednisone and asthma inhalers. (Daily use reduces spinal bone mass by as much as ten percent a year.)

Restricted Calorie Diets.

Women who weigh the least have the most significant loss of bone during menopause and “neither calcium supplements, vitamin D supplements, nor estrogen” slow the decline. Among 236 premenopausal women, all of whom consumed similar amounts of calcium, those who lost weight by reducing calories lost twice as much bone mass as women who maintained their weight

Although chocolate contains oxalic acid, the levels are so low as to have only a negligible effect on calcium metabolism. An ounce/3000 mg of chocolate binds 15-20 mg of calcium; an ounce of cooked spinach, 100-125 mg calcium. Bittersweet (dark) chocolate is a source of iron. Recent research has found chocolate to be very heart healthy. As with any stimulant, daily use is not advised. Chocolate is an important and helpful ally for women. Guilt about eating it and believe that it is damaging to your health interferes with your ability to hear and respond to your body wisdom. If you want to eat chocolate – do it, but if you’re doing it every day – eat more weeds.

To avoid phosphorus overload and improve calcium absorption:
Drink spring water and herbal infusions; prevent pop soda and carbonated water.
Eat only whole grain bread, noodles, cookies, and crackers.
Buy only unpreserved meats, cheeses, potatoes.

Avoid Buying Foods With Highly Processed Ingredients Such As:

Excess salt leaches calcium. Women eating 3900 mg of sodium a day excrete 30 percent more calcium than those consuming 1600 mg. Seaweed is an excellent calcium-rich source of salt. Sea salt may be used freely as it contains trace amounts of calcium. Salt is critical for health; do not eliminate it from your diet.

Increase hydrochloric acid production (in your stomach), and you’ll make better use of the calcium you consume. Lower stomach acid (with antacids, for example) and you will receive little bone benefit from the calcium you ingest. Some ways to acidify:

Natural Health Source

Natural Health Source

Drink lemon juice in water with or after your meal.
Take 10-25 drops dandelion root tincture in a little water before you eat.
Use calcium-rich herbal vinegar in your salad dressing; put some on cooked greens and beans
Use Supplements

If you insist on supplements, go for calcium-fortified orange juice or crumbly tablets of calcium citrate. Chewable calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, and calcium carbonate are acceptable sources.

For better bones, take 500 mg magnesium (not citrate) with your calcium. Better yet, wash your calcium pill down with a glass of herbal infusion; that will provide not only magnesium but lots of other bone-strengthening minerals, too.

Calcium supplements are more effective when taken in two doses of 250 mg, taken morning and night, actually provide more usable calcium than a 1000 mg tablet.

Hormone Therapy

Even if you take hormone therapy, you must get adequate calcium to maintain bone mass, according to researchers at Columbia University. That’s 1200-1500 mg a day (a cup of plain yogurt, two cups of nettle infusion, a splash of mineral-rich vinegar, plus three figs is about that). As you increase your intake of calcium-rich foods/herbs, gradually cut back on your hormone dose if you wish.

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Camping and Outdoors Injuries

Camping Injuries

ACME United American Red Cross Deluxe Family First Aid Kit

ACME United American Red Cross Deluxe Family First Aid Kit

With all the activities that take place on camping or hiking trips, it’s important to be prepared for an accident. The best investment into your camping trip that you can make is an investment in first aid knowledge. Here are a few pointers to get you started.


Hiking is a common camping activity, and it presents the camper with the possibility of fractures and sprains. There are two common adult types of fractures, a simple fracture, and a compound fracture.
You need to be prepared for both on your camping trip.

Simple Fracture

A simple fracture can be identified by swelling, tenderness, pain, loss of mobility, and feeling or hearing a bone crack or snap. If a simple fracture is not treated, then it can turn into a more severe compound fracture. Sometimes, while camping, people feel the need just to brush things off and continue with their hike, staying while injured will not only make things worse but could lead to permanent damage.

If there is a chance that you fractured a bone you need to stop moving immediately. Your goal is to immobilize the fractured area.

Tape or tie the finger to the adjacent finger, if you fractured a finger.

If the lower arm is fractured, then you want to splint the forearm and use a sling to immobilize it.

If the upper arm is fractured, put the arm in a sling and bandage it to the chest.

If it is a leg that is fractured then splint it or if the person can be carried, bind the legs together using the other leg as a natural splint.

When you’re camping, you will sometimes have to be creative in finding a Splint. A splint can be made of anything, a piece of wood, a rolled up magazine or newspaper, or even a rolled up blanket.

A splint can be anything that is straight and sturdy enough to stay straight. After getting a splint on, try to elevate the fractured limb to slow the blood flow.

Compound Fracture

A compound fracture is a fracture that breaks through the skin. This is much more severe, and you should get help immediately and not try to move the injured person.
There will be a lot of bleeding from the compound fracture, but you can not put pressure on it to stop the bleeding.
Splint the limb and try to cover the wound with a sterile pad or bandage and wait for help. Situations such as these are why you should always go camping with other people and never hike by yourself.


Another injury that could happen while camping is a sprain. A sprain is where the ligaments tear from a joint.

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are the most common while camping and are characterized by sudden pain, an inability to support weight, bruising, swelling, and tenderness.
The best thing to do is to rest the ankle, apply a cold compress or ice for at least ten minutes, firmly bandage it for support, and elevate it. Sprains are common while camping and if ignored and not taken care of may completely ruin your camping trip.


Women's Hiking Boots

Timberland Women’s Hiking Boots.
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• Ankle-high leather hiking boot with waterproof upper featuring combination D-ring and speed-hook lacing


Hiking boots provide support for the ankle.

Plan for the best and prepare for the worst when camping. These first aid tips and guidelines will help your next

camping trip.  Be safe and have fun.