Frozen Shoulder Exercises

Frozen Shoulder

Your doctor may recommend surgical treatment if physical therapy for frozen shoulder does not work for you. The good news is physical therapy for frozen shoulder is usually enough for patients to get useful results that improve with time. Consult your physician and get the treatment that you need if you have frozen shoulder.

While there is no definite cause of frozen shoulder, over 90 percent of patients experience a full recovery. Doctors recommend physical therapy for the frozen shoulder as the best treatment.

Here are some exercises you can do at home.

Physical Therapy

In physical therapy for frozen shoulder, you will first perform weight and non-weight stretching exercises to improve the flexibility of your shoulder joint. The typical practices include arm swing with weights, arms raise, overhead stretch, stretching your arms across your body, and towel stretch.

Be Gentle To Your Shoulder

It is important to note that during therapy, the stretching exercises, you should feel tension but you should not overstretch your shoulder to the point where you feel pain or severe discomfort. These practices are done once or twice daily until the shoulder restores its normal range of movement.

Frozen shoulder is the condition which involves pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint accompanied by loss of motion.

Shoulder Brace

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Inflammation in or around the shoulder may trigger the body’s standard defensive response of stiffness. When the shoulder becomes stiff, it becomes too painful to move. A person suffering from frozen shoulder may not be able to reach above and over the head or touch the back.

Listen To Your Doctor’s Advise.

Your doctor will let you know if you need to perform other exercises, such as rotation exercises, to tone and strengthen your shoulder muscles. Remember not to force movement on your shoulder. This does not mean you should not move it at all but instead do all possible to limit activities that may cause additional injury or delay the healing process.

A shoulder massage is also an excellent way to start physical therapy for the frozen shoulder as it increases the flow of blood and oxygen into the area. The therapist proceeds with a series of physical therapy exercises once the pain is reduced either through heating or massage.

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Nerve Pain Leg

Burning Limbs-Nerve Pain in Your Legs

Have you ever felt a permanent, burning pain that radiates from your lower hip running down to your foot?
Is it just as painful when you sit down or when you are standing up?
You might be suffering from sciatica.

What Is Sciatica

When the Sciatic nerve, the single longest nerve in the body, which originates from the lower lumbar region of your

Lumbar herniated disc

Lumbar section MRI.
By Lina June 2017


spine and runs through the pelvis, the rear portion of your leg down to your foot is affected.  The Sciatic nerve is mainly responsible for the distributing blood to the back of our lower extremities. one common symptom is Nerve pain in your leg or legs.

Most Common Causes

Herniated disc
Lumbar spinal stenosis
Piriformis Syndrome
Spinal Tumours.

When one suffers from a herniated disc is because there is an inflammation or bulging of the spinal disc which causes it to protrude out of the annulus.

What is the Annulus

The space between the spine where the spinal discs are located. A herniated disk could exert pressure on the nearby nerve root causing a direct compression on sensitive nerve tissues, including the sciatic nerve


Through openings called neural foramina, The spinal nerve branches out of the spinal canal to the entire body. When these passages are congested or narrowed, it causes nerve compression. If the blockage happens on these passageways, they’re considered foraminal stenosis.
It may cause sciatica if it occurs on the opening where the sciatic nerve passes.

Other Factors Causing Sciatica



It may also cause sciatica when a vertebral disc slips from its normal place and applies pressure to the spinal nerve adjacent to it, usually occurring on the lumbar or the lower portion of the spine. Direct trauma that causes bone fractures such as vehicular accidents, horseback riding accidents, sports injuries may all lead to sciatica as bone fragments may occasionally be the cause of the nerve compression.
When the piriformis muscle spasms and compresses the sciatic nerve, the piriformis syndrome occurs.

Lastly, spinal tumours are abnormal growths on the spine that can either be malignant or benign.

In Cases of bone fragments, spinal tumour, and severe cases of slipped or herniated disc causing sciatica, of course, surgery would be required as treatment. Chiropractic therapy may range from ice/cold therapy, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), to spine adjustment or manipulation.

Acupuncture For Sciatica

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that originated from China. Fine Needles are inserted into your skin at strategic points in the body to release negative energy and restore health and well-being. It is highly recommended as a treatment for generic lumbar pain, even for mild sciatica, as it supposedly releases the tension of the spastic muscles and relieves the pressure on the compressed nerve.

If You have been experiencing sharp, burning pain in your lower extremities; it is best that you consult your physician at once. You might be experiencing sciatica.

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