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Since I was a child, I had the desire to become a doctor and after high school, I joined the university to pursue my medical career. However, life has a way to guide us to other paths and finally I decided to go for a technical career and graduated as a Medical Tech. After graduation, I was hired by a medical group to manage the clinic’s laboratory.

What Happened After?

Towards the end of my seventh year working for these physicians, I met with a group of airline employees and, during our conversations, I learned that one of the airlines was looking for staff to work only on weekends. The idea of working few hours in something that seemed interesting drove me to apply and I was hired during the first interview.

For few months, I kept both jobs until one day I realized that aviation, although very demanding schedules and high pressure, was where I wanted to be and I resigned from my full-time job to keep the aviation part time assignments. This was over 30 years ago.

Life and experiences in my airline career.

Angelo Marino Jr PA

Angelo Marino Jr. PA Personal injury, Class actions, and Consumer litigation practice

In the aviation world, I commenced my career as Customer Service Agent. Soon after, the door of opportunity opened and I began to escalate the ladder. From agent to a supervisor to assistant manager, station manager and later System Internal Auditor Manger for Airport Operations.

During my employment in the aviation industry, I received several specialized sections of training including certifications for Customer Service and Safety Train the Trainer Instructor and Coach.

I have had the pleasure to conduct Safety related training in several US Airports, the Caribbean and Central America in addition to developing and editing, for my employers, training programs related to my knowledge.

My greatest enjoyment in life, in addition to my family and careers:

  • Helping people to uncover and develop their potential
  • Travel and learning from different cultures. Although I find fascinating to visit big cities as well as the small towns, my favorite travel experience is the Eco/ Expedition type.
  • Time for the gym, Spiritual Retreats, Yoga, and Pilates.
  • Good food. Preferable, beef or chicken vegetables and fruits.

Currently, I am partially retired and decided to dedicate time to help as many people as I can by sharing information  with basic practices to improve and maintain physical wellness, including personal injury prevention.


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