Golf Injury Prevention

Golf Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

Do you have to be in shape to play golf?

Golfer Pixabay-skeeze

Golfer Pixabay-Skeeze

There’s belief that one doesn’t have to be in shape to be a good golfer. Such portly individuals perpetuate as Craig Stadler and John Daly (Both weighing in at a modest 300 pounds. Maybe they were sumo-aspirants at one point?) who go on to win tournaments despite the invasion of Paunch DeLeon they have going on around their midsections. These two and others like them are the exception, not the rule, and I guarantee you they would be better players if they were in better shape. Not to mention they would be able to play longer.

How to Do It

The goal is to prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries.

There’s more to fitness than taking a club made of lead and swinging it over and over. To be properly conditioned one must focus on three things: strength, stamina, and flexibility. For power, you need strength. You Need Strenght, to make it all the way to the 18th hole. And to have great technique, a golfer must be flexible. It works for Tiger Woods, and it can work for you, too!


The Products to Help:

Secrets To A Powerful Golf

• Get Stronger
• Increase Your Stamina
• Hit your drives 20,30 even 40 yards longer

I’ve been golfing for over 20 years, and thankfully have never had an injury keep me down. I’m not getting any younger, however, and I’ve become more focused on golf fitness as a result. Two products have helped me get closer to my goals and are available to others in the fitness section: Roger Frederick’s Stretching and Flexibility on DVD, and the Golf Gym. Both are fantastic at improving your overall conditioning, and the Golf Gym even helped Pat Perez win the Bob Hope Tour! That sort of endorsement you can’t beat with a stick (Or should I say club?).

Flexibility the Key.

As one can expect, flexibility is one of the first things to go in an individual, golfers included. Flexibility is key to a golfer’s performance. If you’re not limber enough to turn on the backswing correctly, then you’re in the pit without a sand wedge, my friend. Greater flexibility improves a golfer’s range of motion and allows for stronger muscles. These two attributes together help a golfer swing true consistently, allowing the player to put the ball where he wants it. It’s been shown that improving your strength and flexibility can add up to 20 yards of distance off the tee. That’s quite a difference!


Body movement limitation results in improper or modified swing models which could cause injuries,

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mainly back and neck pain, elbow and shoulder injuries. When a swing is performed repeatedly or executed improperly due to poor comprehension of the swing mechanics or physical constraints, injuries may occur. Golf related injuries may be a result of overuse, poor techniques, and poor physical fitness.

Serious about golf?

Get serious about golf fitness, then. Sure, you may be able to pull it off like some of our more rotund professionals out there whose idea of exercise is to dead-lift Krispy Kreme boxes. But, let’s just say that others have tried it against super heavyweight boxer ButterBean, thinking to beat him at his own game. The results weren’t pretty, and the odds of the same thing happening in golf are pretty high. Better your chances: think Tiger Woods, not Stadler the Waddler!


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Detox for Weight loss

Detoxification For Weight loss and Healthier Body.

A full body detox allows the system to the elimination of the harmful toxic substances which we can ingest from various food, drinks, cosmetics, and air contaminants.
Having a cleaner and healthier body gives opportunities for a longer and healthier life.

30 day Body Cleansing

THERMO DETOX – Detox Cleanse Weight Loss Supplement, 30-Day Body Cleansing Thermogenic Fat Burner

The kidneys, liver, intestines, lymph glands, lungs, and skin are the areas where the detoxification takes place.
Through detoxification, most of the toxins stored in body fats are removed. Various methods of detoxification have been discovered, for a complete body detoxification. Some of these methods include body detox diet, body detox recipe, in line with rigorous exercise, to those who wish to do it the least expensive way, or take body detox wrap which costs few more dollars.

Below, are the different types of body detox programs you can follow to improve your health and an excellent aid for weight loss:

Juice Fasting

This kind of fasting refers to the drinking of vegetable and fruit juices to help in the detoxification process. With this Program,  removing certain foods in your diet such as red meat is essential.  In juice fasting, the person avoids eating solid food,  especially cooked ones and animal products.
Juice fasting results in a dramatic loss of body fat that eventually leads to an increase in metabolism, better digestion, and consequently the absorption of nutrients improve.

Herbal Detox

This kind of body detoxification program is followed by ingesting powders, pills or tea.
Because of the large selection of herbs found in stores, you may end up picking up the wrong herb for the organ you wish to detoxify. Choosing the wrong herb may lead to side effects. That is why there are specific herbs to do the job for the particular body part.
For instance, the Dandelion root and birch leaves are good for liver cleansing, while cayenne, sage, and ginger are used for kidneys cleaning.
Please consult with your physician before you join a herbal detox program.

Detox Bath and Sauna

Sweating will help us excrete off those harmful toxins in the body. That is why exercise or physical activity is essential to living a healthy life. However, if you are not fun of jogging or lifting weights, you can take a detox bath or a sauna.
A detox bath is about soaking yourself for 15 to 20 minutes in water with baking soda or sea salt. After the mentioned 15 to minutes bath, scrub your body with natural soap and natural fiber cloth. The darkness of the water, in the bathtub, is the indication of elimination of toxins from your body.

Bowel Cleansing

High-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, high-fiber cereals, included in your daily diet, or having a gentle, natural

Colon Detox and Cleanser

Colon Cleanser & Detox for Weight Loss. 15 Day Extra Strength Detox Cleanse with Probiotic for Constipation Relief. Pure Colon Detox Pills for Men & Women.

laxative are ways to cleanse your colon. If you eat raw fruits and vegetables, the body accumulates enzymes that are potent and multipurpose detoxifiers and vitamins that naturally have antioxidants.


Yogurt contains what is commonly known as “good bacteria.” If you wish to use yogurt as part of the detoxifying process, look for yogurts that have the bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus and the Bifidobacteria. These will act as a defense towards the unhealthy or harmful bacteria, Assisting our system to eliminate toxic chemicals without nutrients.

Body wrap detox

In a body wrap detox, sea clay is used. The sea clay compresses the soft tissues of the skin when it enters your pores until it reaches the toxins in the skin.  Also, while this happens, the repositioning of the body fats’ cells also occurs, which consequently helps in the elimination of the toxins.

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John Khu is a health enthusiast and author of a new eBook titled “Body Detox Tips”. He is devoted to educating others on the benefit of body detoxification. He is also the owner of the website called which provides complete and up-to-date information.