Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) For Musculoskeletal Disorders

Was originated by the Osteopath William Sutherland  between 1898-1900. The term craniosacral or cranial-sacral are based on the terms cranium and sacrum.

Where Can I Find A Craniosacral Therapist?

Skull Massage

Skull Massage Pixabay

Many, qualified and certified, physical therapists are providing a broad range of treatments in their clinics. They are making it possible to handle cases ranging from severe spasms to sports injuries. Even, skeletal problems in children and infants are being treated by these well-trained individuals.
In the region of Elmbridge, these physiotherapists have their clinical set ups, where Pilates classes are being held on a regular basis as a treatment and exercise form.

Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy.

People may suffer from stiff joints due to lack of sufficient movement. After injury or trauma, there can be stiffness and bone pain. Many children suffer from problems due to injury during their birth. The conditions mentioned above may be corrected through the efforts of craniosacral therapy Elmbridge, provided by the experts in different forms of physical therapy.
Some birth problems and developmental defects can be improved with pressure on specific points on the limbs.
As the name suggests, these problems are related to the nervous system, linked to the craniosacral skeletal network. Therefore, it is obviously a sensitive area to be handled, and without expertise in craniosacral therapy, it would be difficult for physiotherapists or osteopaths to look into such possibilities.

Pilates Practices Combined With Craniosacral Therapy.

Pilates Exercises

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Pilates helps in giving flexibility and core strengthening as preventable exercises.
While craniosacral therapy Elmbridge aims to correct problems already present in the body, the prevention of stiffness and joint pains can be achieved by the Pilates classes.
Strength building and core exercises are taught in these sessions, which make it possible even for older adults.
The best part of Pilates exercises is that these can be practiced by people of all age groups and do not require a lot of painful weight lifting or running. With little efforts, muscles of the entire body can be exercised and yet the core strength is increased.

Convenient timing and relaxed treatment modalities making Pilates and craniosacral therapy massages a preferred treatment for several musculoskeletal conditions.

Pilates Exercises

Pilates Exercises Pixabay Picture

Pilates classes in Elmbridge area are making a recovery easier. People can arrive in these classes on their own time and go through the procedures that they feel comfortable. After these exercises, they feel fresh, and relief of existing pain. They can take a few sessions of craniosacral therapy Elmbridge or a combination of exercises and massage treatments to get relief from musculoskeletal problems.

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With the rising trend of physical therapies for relieving musculoskeletal problems in people, the121clinic has come up with innovative pilates classes and craniosacral therapy Elmbridge.

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