Does Prolotherapy Work

How can Prolotherapy help me?

Living with chronic musculoskeletal pain can be disappointing and unbearable. Musculoskeletal pain usually affects the support structures of your body like bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons that allow you to move and perform your daily tasks. The excruciating pain can make you feel uneasy and keep you from getting a good night sleep. For some people, the pain takes over their daily lives and prevents them from doing activities they enjoy. Some patients who cannot stand the pain often consider undergoing joint replacement surgery to eliminate the pain.

Joint replacement is a life-changing decision and could give you long-term consequences. Most patients expect pain relief, better joint function and improved quality of life after the surgery. However, this procedure also comes with risks like bone fractures and dislocation, infections, blood clots and nerve injury. Some patients complain that they feel stiffness on the implanted joint, while others feel frustrated as it did not help them regain absolute mobility. In other words, surgery is not the best remedy for your chronic musculoskeletal pain. For that reason, you should give Los Angeles prolotherapy a try before you jump the gun and decide to have the drastic replacement.

So, What Is Prolotherapy?

Sacroiliac Joint

Sacroiliac joint by Mikael Häggström March 14, 2011

The term “Prolotherapy” is short for “proliferation therapy.” Proliferation only means “rapid production”. In this type of treatment, the aching areas are injected with a ploriferant solution that induces the development of new and healthy tissue. This technique is performed to eliminate the excruciating pain that happens when a person’s joints, ligaments, and tendons are damaged. The therapy promotes the growth of new tissues while repairing the damaged parts. Prolotherapy stimulates the body’s instinctive reaction to restore normal function and healing ability.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy involves using injections to treat a variety of disorders and chronic or acute pain conditions. These conditions include:

* ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) critical to stabilizing the knee joint.
* Tears
* Arthritis
* Bulging discs
* Bursitis
* Fibromyalgia
* Bone on Bone conditions
* Hip dysfunction
* Hip replacement
* Knee injury
* Knee replacement
* Lumbar or cervical spine instability
* Tendinitis
* Rotator cuff injuries
* Sciatica

Why should I give Prolotherapy a chance?

One of the reasons why you should give prolotherapy a chance before getting a joint replacement is the fact that surgery cannot be undone. In case the operation fails and the pain persists, you’ll be stuck living with discomfort. Also, prolothrerapy does not require long-term recovery period compared to surgery. Yes, you might experience 24 to 48 hours of post-injection soreness but not painful enough to necessitate pain relievers. Lastly, joint replacement surgery is costly, not to mention the potential income that you might lose from missing work.

Visiting the right place for Prolotherapy is important

If you want to have a successful Los Angeles, prolotherapy treatment, makes sure that you come to the right person. Dr. Peter A. Fields is well-known for his expertise in the field of regenerative medicine. With his knowledge and extensive training in Prolotherapy, Dr. Fields ensures that you get the right treatment for your condition.
Peter A. Fields, MD, DC, is well known in the field of Prolotherapy and sports medicine and lectures on and teaches other physicians these techniques. His Centre, Pacific Prolotherapy & Medical Wellness Center is dedicated to providing quality health care. The Center is run by Peter A. Fields, MD,DC — one of a handful of physicians in the nation with both medical and chiropractic degrees. This combination of degrees gives Dr. Fields a broad area of knowledge and expertise that benefits his patients.

Physical therapy in Santa Monica is recommended for a host of ailments, whether you are recuperating from an injury or hoping to alleviate more gradual damage to your body. People seek physical therapy for many reasons,
From conditions as wide-ranging as heart and lung problems, common geriatric issues like arthritis and hip and joint replacement, neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, orthopedic problems like sprains and back and neck pain, sports-related injuries and medical care, and issues related to childbirth.

Because the applications for physical therapy can vary so widely, many practitioners of physical therapy in Santa Monica and elsewhere specialize in providing their patients more focused care.

A department that specializes in treating musculoskeletal injuries, for example, would likely have its physical therapists work closely with physicians and orthopedic surgeons, for a coherent approach resulting in the fastest possible recovery. Some medical problems included in musculoskeletal injuries are those that affect the hands and upper extremities, like carpal tunnel syndrome, and back and neck injuries.

Physical therapy is an effective means to an important end: that of returning you to your work and your health as soon as possible. Because your health is so important, you’ll want to choose the most trusted, reliable source for Santa Monica physical therapy.

To be their best selves, once again, patients seeking physical therapy are encouraged to contact Brentview Medical, Brentwood’s longest serving medical practice. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call Brentview Medical at (310) 820-0013…Peter A. Fields, MD, DC

Tis post was built with the assistance from Brentview Medical and Peter A. Fields, MD, DC.

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  1. Lisa,

    As an occupational therapist and certified hand therapist, I want to personally thank you for educating the public on how to safely work to prevent injuries, specifically in the upper extremities. Although it might seem counter-intuitive for a therapist to try to prevent disease (when disease has long been considered our “bread and butter”), I think the average worker is learning to take more control of his own health in his work environment. Thank you for providing people with QUALITY information. I look forward to following your site and offering my expertise as time goes on if the opportunity ever arises.

    Here’s to Wellness,
    Amy Paulson, OTR, CHT

    • Hi Amy
      Thank you very much for your comments. Observations from someone with your background are encouraging as my primary intention is to help people gain clarity of the safety concept to prevent injuries.
      Lisa Burke

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