Elbow Brace

How Elbow Braces Work and How They Help Your Elbow  Musculoskeletal Injury

Elbow injuries can be painful. The pain and discomfort could stop you from doing everyday activities.

How Do Elbow Injuries Occur?

We can damage the elbow by bending or twisting the arm the wrong way. Many people suffer from elbow injuries, not just athletes. You should never ignore injury or pain.

Golfer's elbow

A 3D medical animation still shot illustrating the medical condition known as Golfer’s elbow. By www.scientificanimations.com August 24 2016

Elbow pain can be as a result of overuse or through a knock or fall. In considering the latter, the damage is typically superficial causing bruising and inflammation which can be painful and limit movement.

In the majority of cases such an injury is self-limiting and applying ice to reduce inflammation and pain and resting will do the job and you will be back in action in no time.

What Should You Do If You Have An Elbow Injury?

An elbow brace may help. Braces help to support bones, muscles, tendons and provide aid for the right movement. Meaning that stress and strain on the area is minimized.
Always consult with your Medical Professional when sustaining any injury.

Which type of brace should you use?

The type depends on the severity of the injury.
Braces can be from a simple elbow splint, which can give support, to more elaborate stabilizing systems which is more suited for upper arm bone fractures.

The purpose of a brace is to help you through the healing process and to prevent further damage.
Also, if you make many repetitive motions in a particular activity or sport, elbow braces can help. They can minimize the strain on your elbow which can lead to injury. For example, bowlers use the same action repeatedly, placing unnatural forces through the arm, elbow and shoulder joints. The tendons surrounding the elbow joint work in applying grip to a cricket ball, therefore any damage here can cause problems in being able to deliver a ball with precision.

How an Elbow Band Can Help?

There are two different types of elbow band products available, either in the form of a sleeve or a band.
An elbow band is essentially a rubber band which sits just below the elbow joint, allowing you to apply a tailored amount of compression to the affected side of the joint, either lateral or medial. By applying compression to the affected area, it can help to manage compression from the injury and enhance the mobility of the arm and improved grip.

Following any elbow injury, there is a weakness in the joint. Therefore any sporting activity can trigger a relapse which is why an elbow band is designed to worn during your chosen sport to minimize the risk of further injury and keep you active for longer.

How an Elbow Sleeve can Help?

An elbow sleeve is used following impact injuries, where a general level of compression is required in the region to help manage inflammation and pain and keep you active for longer. The compressive material is also designed to be breathable so that we can wear when active while practicing sports or doing everyday activities.

For sustained overuse injuries it can lead to conditions such as tennis elbow or golfers elbow, which result in pain on either the outside or inside of the elbow joint. While these are described mainly as self-limiting conditions in more severe cases surgery may be required.

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