Hip Pain Causes

What are the major causes of hip pain?

Major causes of hip pain may be due to Arthritis, Vascular Necrosis, Hip Pain Strain, and Back Pain. There are stretches and hip pain exercises that you can do every day to decrease your hip pain and strengthen your hip muscles.

Morning Stretchers

Only if authorized by your Doctor!

A good habit to get into is to do daily morning stretches. Some of the most popular recommended stretches are


Pilates Exercises


knees to chest stretch, hamstring stretch, and lying down spine twist. At first, it will be little hard to get into the morning routine of stretching however it will get easier over a short period.

Stretching decreases your hip pain by increasing your blood flow to your hip joints and muscles. This results in a reduction in hip joint inflammation and increases your hip joint motion. When your hip joints are not inflamed, and muscles are loosened up, you move more smoothly and do not get that painful grinding feeling.

Hip Exercises

Every day, you should take 10 to 30 minutes to do hip pain exercises. Hip exercise will decrease your hip pain and also increase the strength of your hip. A few effective hip exercises are walking, swimming, or biking. Orthopedic Doctors and Physical Therapists believe these are the best hip exercises because of the little impact it has on the hip joints.

Advance Hip Exercises

A few advanced hip exercises are exercises: squats, lunges, and even speed walking. You should only try to do these exercises when your hip pain is controlled, and your body can handle more advanced exercises. It is recommended however to stay away from running because it puts more stress on the hip joints and can cause more damage and hip pain.

One of the most important steps you can take to decrease your hip pain is sitting down or lying down. This is especially important if you have been on your feet a lot or you just finished doing hip exercises. Giving your body a chance to recover and rebuild is just important as doing hip pain exercises.

Applying Heat

Applying heat to your painful hip will help decrease your hip pain and loosen up your cramping muscles. Heat works by increasing blood flow, easing muscle tension and reducing hip joint inflammation. Heat can be applied by using an electric heating pad or heat wraps. Another natural hip pain treatment is using and over-the-counter cream called Arnica. This cream is odorless, clear when applied to the skin, and will not stain your clothing or feel sticky.

When your hip pain seems to be tougher to handle and is persistent, you should call your Orthopedic Doctor. He or She is highly trained in pain management. Please never feel that you just have to get along with the pain. Your doctor may prescribe a medication or suggest an over the counter painkiller. When you do talk to your doctor about your hip pain, make sure you tell him or her all the medications you take plus any allergies to medicine.
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