Human Factors

The Twelve Most Common Aviation – Human Factors Causes of Errors, Injuries and Fatalities:

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO circular 227) Human Factors is the relationship of people with equipment, procedures, the environment and with other people. Its two objectives can be seen as safety and efficiency.”

Airport Tarmac

Picture airport with heavy activity



The task has become a routine. Do not let routine take your focus away. Be in the present

Lack of Knowledge

Operating equipment or performing a task we are not trained, just because we do not want be seen as a stupid or ignorant.


Day dreaming, texting, e-mailing, talking on the phone while operating machinery and, even. walking.

Lack of Awareness

Failure to recognize all the consequences.

Lack of Teamwork

If we need other people to accomplish the task, we must ask for help. All participants must exercise commitment and have a clear vision of their function. Never be afraid to ask for help


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The more fatigued we are, the lower our IQ. It is very easy to get distracted when we have not taken sufficient rest periods.

Lack of Resources

Utilize the right tool/equipment.


Caused by urgent demands. Do not rush. Rushing will put us in a mechanical frame of mind thus loosing concentration and awareness.

Lack of Assertiveness

When asking someone to take charge of a task, be clear, firm and specific to avoid confusion. This does not mean we have to be aggressive. There is a big difference between aggressiveness and being firm or assertive


Stress may be acute or chronic. Constant exposure to high demands may develop in chronic stress. Take brakes and have a drink of water. Allow yourself to relax for 2-5 minutes

The Norm

Two types of norms. Positive and negative. These are, in essence, unwritten rules or actions followed by others, because everybody around them does it. Think before you perform a task.

Lack of Communication

Failure to demonstrate proper procedure or failure to communicate risks involved.

Aircraft Cockpit

Aircraft Cockpit

In Aviation, We believe in “SAFETY FIRST

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