Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee Osteoarthritis

Those suffering from the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis know the challenges that this condition can cause.

These symptoms of knee osteoarthritis include intense pain, difficulty with mobility and lack of strength in the knee muscle, all of which can combine to cause the sufferer to become depressed and lose the will to enjoy life. Now, however, thanks to the experts at VQ OrthoCare, there is a solution that can provide respite from the pain that the disease causes. Introducing, the BioniCare Knee System.

BioniCare Knee System

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The BioniCare Knee System is a unique electrical stimulation treatment that represents a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee.
Some patients find that drugs and injections are unsuitable for delivering the level of pain relief that they require. And they may not be medically ready to have knee replacement surgery. For these types of patients, the BioniCare Knee System is the ideal alternative. The numbers speak for themselves – over 5000 physicians have prescribed this excellent solution to more than 80,000 patients in North America.

How Does BioniCare Knee System Work?

So how does the product work? Well, the BioniCare Knee system features a unique device that uses a unique pulse technology to treat the underlying causes and reduce symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.
The product delivers a patented low-level pulsed electrical signal to the knee joint that is not felt by the patient. This pulse is designed to mimic the natural impulse in a knee that has a healthy tissue, thus increasing the strength of the knee and providing the patient with greater mobility and freedom from the painful symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

In a study conducted at the esteemed Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, doctors found that patients who wore the device for an average of 11 months were eight times less likely to require a knee replacement, even after four years of suffering from the disease.
In a similar study that was conducted by doctors at Indiana University, it was shown that in patients who wore the BioniCare Knee System for 11 months:
45% reduced their anti-inflammatory medication by 50% and 1
9% of the patients who wore the BioniCare Knee System over a period of 11 months managed to eliminate the use of pain relief medication entirely.

So far more than 80,000 people in North America have been treated with the BioniCare Knee System, and no significant side-effects have been reported from those using the product.

FDA Clearance for BioniCare.

The company first received FDA approval for the signal generator within their BioniCare Knee System in 2003.
Since then, the product has become one of the market leading solutions for those suffering from moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis.
The system is a combination of two distinct components; an electrical joint stimulator, and an unloading knee brace, which work in unison to form a complete pain barrier for patients.

The device fits perfectly within the unloading brace and therefore provides patients with a supreme level of comfort as they go about their daily lives. Also, for patients that suffer from the pain of osteoarthritis during the evening time, the device can also be fitted with a night wrap, so that it is extremely comfortable to wear while sleeping.

Trusted, Tested and efficient, the BioniCare Knee System is now available to help treat your knee osteoarthritis pain. Throw away that prescription and call the specialists at BioniCare to speak to them directly about this leading class solution.
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It’s a disease that prevents millions from participating in their favorite sporting activities, stopping them from achieving the healthy lifestyle that they crave. But one new solution from leading non-invasive medical equipment specialists VQ OrthoCare promises to help knee osteoarthritis sufferers across North America get back to living a healthy, active lifestyle in a short space of time.

For fast action treatment from the knee pain of osteoarthritis treatment, trust BioniCare.

The patented BioniCare system delivers an imperceptible pulsed electrical signal which has been specially engineered to reduce pain and improve the condition of the osteoarthritic knee.

The battery-powered device generates an electrical signal which mimics the pulse found within a healthy knee. This pulse then works to build the patient’s muscle, helping them to regain full mobility within their leg.

Recent studies have shown that neuromuscular electrical stimulation is highly effective in treating the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

One particular study published in the Clinical Rheumatology journal and conducted by Turkish researchers showed that four weeks of electrical stimulation is just as effective as a four-week exercise program in relieving pain and stiffness and improving core knee function.

This research follows on from two earlier studies conducted by researchers in Baltimore which showed that electrical stimulation of the knee joints reduced overall knee pain and increased the strength of the quadriceps in older patients with osteoarthritis of the knee.

These studies prove that BioniCare is the ideal treatment for those suffering from various forms of osteoarthritis knee pain. But because the team at VQ OrthoCare wanted to ensure that patients not only benefited long-term from the use of BioniCare but also achieved short-term relief of their agonizing knee pain, the company have taken their product one step further.

Now, patients can achieve fast relief of their osteoarthritis systems thanks to the complete knee pain solution, the BioniCare Knee System.

This system combines both the patented BioniCare signaling device and a flexible and comfortable knee brace, to ensure that the area is completely supported while the patient is conducting everyday activities.

For those suffering from the pain of knee osteoarthritis, getting a good night’s sleep can be tough. They require a solution that is designed to provide the comfort that will allow them to rest their knees in a supportive position at night.

And VQ OrthoCare provides the ideal solution through the versatile BioniCare Night Wrap, which allows patients to rest their knee comfortably while the patented BioniCare pulse system works to counteract the symptoms of the knee osteoarthritis.

Another significant advantage offered to those who wish to utilize BioniCare is that the product has no side effects. Therefore, there is limited risk involved for patients who want to try the product to see if it meets their distinct requirements.

The BioniCare Knee System works as an innovative osteoarthritis treatment method to reduce the pain in the affected knee joint by taking some pressure off of the knee and loading it onto the brace. Make BioniCare your pain management leader and gain the excellent mobility provided by this leading-class medical solution.

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