Shoulder Pain Causes

Shoulder Pain, Disorders And Causes

Your shoulder is one of the important body parts that support your arm movement in your daily activities.

Supraspinatus muscle frontal

Supraspinatus muscle (shown in red).
Date 20 November 2012
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No wonder if you have some problems with your shoulder, it can disturb your daily life. It means that shoulder problems can happen to anyone, no matter how young you are. But, it is said that, as we age, the risk of having  shoulder problem is grater

The usual shoulder problem is a temporary pain in the shoulder area. You can cure the temporary pain by resting your shoulder for a while or attaching the hot pad on the sore area. But, if the pain persists, then you have to pay attention to the below shoulder pain problems along with the symptoms and causes. Schedule an appointment with your physician.  Early detection and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries or disorders is paramount

Rotator Cuff Problems

Rotator cuff problems are various. The rotator cuff is the group of tendons and muscles in the shoulder, connecting the upper arm to the shoulder blade

The  tendons in the rotator cuff provide stability to the shoulder and  the muscles allow the shoulder to rotate. Tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons) in your rotator cuff causes severe pain.

The basic treatment for this problem is resting your arms and shoulder from any activity and taking the prescribed medication.

A severe rotator cuff problem is the rotator cuff tear. causes excruciating pain, even if you just perform some light activities, such as lifting your arm and sleeping on the affected side. Early treatment for the rotator cuff tear is physiotherapy and specific exercise. usually the last rout to handle this condition.

Shoulder Arthritis

Bursitis often follows tendinitis. Also, arthritis can cause bursitis.

Bilateral periarthritis humeroscapularis and capsule

Bilateral periarthritis humeroscapularis and capsule calcification at the acromioclavicular joint. Bilateral moth damage like right up to permeative osteolysis at the humeral heads.
Date 1 October 2011
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Shoulder arthritis can be caused by the damage of the cartilage in the shoulder joint and by the autoimmune disease. The symptom is similar to the rotator cuff problems. If the symptoms like the red swelling and pain last then you will feel that your shoulder is stiff and frozen. In this case, the medical treatment depends on the cause and your health condition. Your Physician will review your case to determine the best procedure.


Displacement usually occurs because your arm has been pulled or severe trauma to the area. The head of your upper arm bone dislocates swiftly from the right place. The early treatment for this problem is compressing your shoulder with ice and contact your physician, as soon as possible, for proper treatment.

Chronic Shoulder Pain

Besides the pain, at times, you hear the clicking sound when you lift something heavy. Chronic shoulder pain is caused by  rheumatic disease, aging, wear and tear of the shoulder muscles, or even bad body posture. Understanding shoulder pain treatment to overcome the chronic pain is essential to lessen the pain and regain the proper function of the shoulder’s tissues.
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