Slip and Fall Injury

Slip And Falls Injury On Commercial Grounds

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If you are reading this article and you recognize this scenario as happening to you or a relative, then you should take steps to prevent this type of victimization.

For a start, you are entitled to proper and adequate compensation from the supermarket, for your injuries. If they wish to give you roses and an apology, then this should be in addition to appropriate compensation.

After The Accident

You are probably being given the run-around, after your accident. Make sure full details of the accident are recorded in the ‘Accident Book.’ Get the names and addresses of any other customer involved or who witnessed your accident. Write a formal letter of claim to the Manager at the supermarket and keep copies of all your correspondence.
Visit your doctor and report your injury so that there are medical records of the nature and extent of your wounds. Take photographs of any bruises which usually show up a few days after the accident. If you receive physiotherapy treatment keep receipts for each session of therapy to reclaim these expenses.

Taking Care Of Your Injuries

If you visit the hospital keep receipts of travel expenses. As the amount of compensation for your injuries will depend


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on the nature and extent of the injuries you sustained. The level of set-off will increase where there are any fractures. Usually, these take some time to heal and sometimes the damage can be severe such as a hip fracture or fracture of the coccyx. The last injury can be very painful and occurs in slipping accidents where you fall on your bottom.

Your claim could arise from an accident in the supermarket car parking. You will be able to establish liability if there is a tripping hazard such as potholes and if you can establish that there has been a failure to maintain the car park.

However, most accidents will involve slipping on wet floors within the supermarket itself. This usually results from spillages such as water or liquids on the floor. Again, the supermarket should be able to show they have a system of cleaning and maintenance to avoid liability.

Injury Claims

Your claim for personal injury compensation should be handled by the supermarket’s public liability insurers. You are entitled to obtain details of their insurer to make your claim. Don’t settle for flowers and vouchers, from the supermarket,  for your injuries.

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